Policies & Procedures



All DC SCORES camps are FREE to attend. DC SCORES staff works hard to keep all of our programs FREE for all participants. Each year we raise 100% of the money it takes to run our programs in DC. If you would like to contribute to the program or help fundraise, please contact us at summer@dcscores.org, donate on your registration form, or donate directly here.

Participant Requirements


DC SCORES Summer Camps are open to all youth to register, regardless of soccer experience or experience participating in DC SCORES. Our camps provide a supportive environment for youth to learn and grow regardless of the skill and experience they have when they walk through the door. Our staff are trained to create positive experiences for all our participants.


Participants must be in the appropriate rising grade levels to attend our camps. Rising grade level is the grade level that the participant will be in next September when beginning school. To give participants the best camp experience possible, students are grouped based on grade levels. Grade levels for our camps are as follows:

  • JC Nalle (Soccer): Rising 3rd - 9th Graders
  • Tubman (Week 1 & 2 - Soccer): Rising 3rd - 9th Graders
  • Truesdell (Arts & Soccer): Rising 2nd - 6th Graders
  • Leckie (Arts & Soccer): Rising 2nd - 6th Graders


Participants can participate in multiple camps only if they do not overlap. For example, a participant could enroll in both JC Nalle Camp and Tubman Camp since they are separate weeks, but could not enroll in Tubman and Truesdell Camps because they overlap on the same dates.


Participants must attend and actively participate in all days and activities at camp. Students with two unexcused absences will be un-enrolled from camp, moved to the waiting list, and their spot will be given to the next student on the waiting list.


Our goal is to provide every youth in DC with the best camp experience possible. Our camps have a minimum of 10:1 staff to participant ratio, with our younger groups having a 5:1 ratio. At some camps, we can increase our staff to meet the demand of participants, but at other camps the facilities we work in only allow us to serve a certain number of youth.

When our camp registration reaches its maximum capacity, youth will be placed on a waitlist. When participants un-enroll from camp, positions open and we will notify parents of the opportunity.

Summer Learning Students

DC SCORES is partnering with DCPS to connect Summer Learning Students with our camp opportunities. At select sites, DC SCORES will be running buses at the end of the Summer Learning day to DC SCORES Camp sites. These buses will also return students to their Summer Learning site at the culmination of camp each day. Please check out the specific camp pages for more details about pickup locations and bus routes.

Camper Arrivals & Departures

Getting to Camp

Participants have two options for getting to camp. They can come directly to the camp location on their own or they can get picked up at one of our bus locations listed in the map on each camp information page.

Early Arrivals

Participants can arrive up to 20 minutes early for camp each day. Any participants arriving earlier than 20 minutes will be on their own and not under staff supervision.

Leaving Camp

When camp finishes each day, students need to be picked up directly from camp or will ride buses back to their pickup locations (as listed on each camp information page).

DC SCORES camps utilize the same check out procedures used during the school day [signing out, parent permission, checking identification, etc.].

A participant can check-out of the program at the end of each day by the method designated on their registration form. Parents/guardians must provide a list of people who are authorized to pick up their student. Persons picking up must have picture identification. All participants must be picked up by the designated time. Any participant picked up early must be signed out. No participant that has parent/guardian permission to walk/bike to and from camp will be dismissed early without prior authorization from the parent/guardian.

Late Pick-ups

Parents, please pickup your participants on time and be respectful of our staff members' time and other commitments. In the event that a participant does not walk home and is scheduled for pick-up, but no one arrives to pick them up, the following steps will be taken:

1. Youth will be asked who is scheduled to pick them up.

2. Staff will call parent/guardian's day and evening numbers.

3. Staff will call emergency contact numbers provided on registration.

4. Staff will call DC SCORES Main Office.

5. Two late pickups will result in removal from the program and/or CFSA will be called.

Staff will make all attempts to contact someone regarding picking up the child. The last resort will be to contact CFSA. Staff will remain with the youth until they are picked up. Under no circumstances will staff transport a child home.

Camper dress/materials/equipment

Appropriate Clothing


Participants should dress comfortably to play soccer and be outside all day. Participants do not need to bring a soccer ball (all soccer camp participants will be given a ball at the end of camp!). Please leave all valuables at home.

Participants are welcome to wear cleats while playing outdoors but sneakers are also appropriate to wear while playing. Participants are not allowed to wear cleats inside any buildings (to use restrooms or for meals).

Participants will be provided with a camp t-shirt that they will need to wear for the final day of camp. If parents are unable to provide athletic clothing for their child, DC SCORES has a limited amount new or gently used equipment we can provide with advanced notice (contact us at summer@dcscores.org for this request).


Participants should dress comfortably to play soccer and be outside all day. Participants do not need to bring a soccer ball (all soccer camp participants will be given a ball at the end of camp!). Please leave all valuables at home.

Participants will be provided all of the supplies they need for the arts portion of camp.

Participants are welcome to wear cleats while playing outdoors but sneakers are also appropriate to wear while playing. Participants are not allowed to wear cleats inside any buildings (to use restrooms or for meals).

Participants will be provided with two camp t-shirts that they will need to wear for all field trips and for the end of camp celebration. If parents are unable to provide athletic clothing for their child, DC SCORES has a limited amount new or gently used equipment we can provide with advanced notice (contact us at summer@dcscores.org for this request).

Participants in rising grades 4-6 will also need a bathing suit that meets DPR's requirements as listed here. Participants will not be allowed to enter the pool without this. DC SCORES will have a limited amount of bathing suits to provide participants.

Food/Drinks Provided


Campers will receive lunch at all camps. At JC Nalle Camp, campers will also be given a breakfast snack upon arrival (10:00am). All campers are encouraged to bring their own refillable water bottle with them to camp each day.


Campers will receive lunch and healthy snacks at all camps. All campers are encouraged to bring their own refillable water bottle with them to camp each day.

Sample Camp Schedules

Soccer Camps



arts & Soccer Camps



field trips

DC SCORES sees external program visits as a critical part of our Arts & Soccer Camps. All camps will go on weekly field trips to fun, educational locations around the city. In the past, field trips have included the zoo, museums, D.C. United practices, and other destinations around D.C.

For rising grades 3-6, campers will also go to the pool weekly.

Health & safety

Inclement & Extreme weather

DC SCORES will not cancel any days of camp due to weather. Even if campers are unable to go outdoors that day, staff will have indoor activities planned to keep campers engaged in a safe environment.


In the case of a code red or excessive heat warning we will:

  1. Conduct mandatory water breaks every 20 minutes.
  2. Provide shade through the use of tents on the field.
  3. Ensure plenty of ice/water is available to participants.


In the case of thunderstorms being in the area, the site coordinator will be vigilant of local forecasts and surroundings. If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, the thunderstorm procedure is to be strictly followed.

  1. The site coordinator or DC SCORES staff will alert campers and staff with either 3 blasts of the fog horn blasts or the bullhorn siren.
  2. Coaches/Counselors/Staff are to gather students and lead them calmly to cover in the nearest building. Once all students are accounted for inside, the director will speak to coaches about plans for indoor activity.
  3. There will be a 30 minute wait after every lightning strike before students will be allowed to go back outside.


If there is sustained rain the site coordinator or acting leader will use fog horn or bullhorn to direct all students and staff to cover.

  1. Students will remain inside for the duration of rain
  2. Once rain has subsided, provided there are no thunderstorms, students will be allowed back onto the field.


At all times during DC SCORES programming, there must be at least one person on site that is CPR/First-Aid certified. Whenever a player is injured and must be removed from an activity, the camp director will be sure to inform the parents or guardians of the injury, even if it seems minor and the athlete is able to continue.

In the event of a medical necessity or emergency, DC SCORES staff will make any necessary arrangements for the proper medical care of our campers. This may include transportation by ambulance to an emergency center for treatment. Parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible in the event that an emergency arises requiring medical assistance.

MEdications, allergies, Asthma, & other Special needs

DC SCORES seeks to make possible the participation of every child in its programs. When working with a family whose child has a medical, physical, or behavioral condition, we will assess the program’s capability of providing accommodations. Upon determining that DC SCORES is able to provide such accommodations, the family is allowed to enroll their child in the desired program. At the time of registration, it is expected that the parent communicate with DC SCORES any and all special needs that may affect youth’s experience of program delivery. After our office receives your registration form, we will call you to gather further Information about your child’s needs.

Emergency response

If an emergency or crisis occurs during programming, staff will follow established protocols of school building’s established emergency and crisis response plans as posted and practiced. As always, the main concern is the safety of students and staff. Parents will be called and notified as to the status of the situation, location of their children, and status of the scheduled activities for the day as soon as possible given the situation.

behavior policy

DC SCORES expects youth to behave in a way that supports DC SCORES’s objective to provide a safe and welcoming environment for other youth, DC SCORES staff, and community members. Youth who are part of the DC SCORES community are expected to:

  • Treat all members of the DC SCORES ​community with respect;
  • Respect the property of DC SCORES, its staff, and other youth connected to DC SCORES;
  • Respond appropriately to instructions from DC SCORES staff.

DC SCORES fully adheres to DCPS Philosophy and Approach to Student Behavior and Discipline as well as the DCPS’ Behavior and Disciplinary Response Guidance and Bullying Policy. With this guidance, coaches create and implement procedures and structures that ensure positive resolution of conflict between participants. At the beginning of each season, it is critical to follow the first lesson in the curriculum where participants help create expectations and procedures for the program and therefore buy-in to the systems and structures. Staff will help participants to understand the rules and the reasons for the rules and will reinforce positive behaviors and redirect inappropriate behaviors. As listed in the DC SCORES Quality Standards, DC SCORES emphasizes positive behavior guidance (coaches use praise, encouragement and positive feedback to reinforce desired behaviors; coaches do not use harsh discipline methods; coaches are forgiving and do not hold past behavior against youth; and youth are given an opportunity to earn their way back after consequences). Coaches should model and teach participants conflict resolution techniques and support them as they become responsible for resolving conflicts among themselves.

If a camper does not comply with DC SCORES' Behavior Expectations, these actions will be taken:

  1. (First Offense) Camper will be removed from activity and parent/guardian will be notified. A Camper Behavior Plan will need to be signed by the Camp Director, Camper, and Parent/Guardian before returning to camp activities.
  2. (Second Offense) Camper will be removed from all activities for the day and parent/guardian must immediately pick-up child from camp.
  3. (Third Offense) Camper will be removed from activities, parent/guardian must immediately pick-up, and potentially dismissed from all DC SCORES camps.

This Behavior Policy is effective during the following times and in the following places:

  • At camp or on the site at any time;
  • Off grounds at any camp activity, function or event and while traveling to and from such events;
  • On vehicles provided for student transportation by the school system; and
  • At camp bus stops.

Lastly, DC SCORES may immediately cease providing services to youth who engage in:

  • Physical violence or threatening behaviors.
  • Sexual behavior or activity.
  • Any behavior that places themselves, other youth and staff at great harm or risk.
  • Using cigarettes, alcohol, or controlled substances.
  • Bringing firearms, ammunition and/or weapons to programs.

Other Info

Parents and Guests at Camps

Parents are invited to join the campers and staff on the last day of camp at our end of camp celebration. There will be food, staff vs. camper games, and our Teamwork, Leadership, Commitment Awards Ceremony.

Outside of the camp celebration, parents are welcome to watch but must do so outside of our program areas. This is for the safety and development of our campers.

concerns or complaints

DC SCORES values and understands that open and ongoing communication between the staff and a child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) has a positive outcome and benefit for children in our programs. DC SCORES supports an ongoing partnership with parents/guardians to best foster a child’s educational, physical, language, social and emotional needs and growth. DC SCORES encourages parent/guardian participation in the care of their children. A parent/guardian may request a conference with coaches or program staff, and a meeting time will be planned. Through suggestions, meetings and direct communication with coaches and program staff, DC SCORES welcomes parent/guardian input about program rules, goals, policies, procedures, curriculum plans, interpersonal relationships, community involvement, and general program operations. We welcome feedback and communication from our program participants and the general public.

Several options are available for parents to address concerns, offer feedback, or provide other comments:

  • Please talk to the coach at your child’s site and state your concern. The coach will want to work with you to create a solution that works for everyone.
  • For whatever reason, if you do not wish to report your concerns to your child’s coach, you can contact the DC SCORES Program Staff directly by calling the main office at 202-393-6999 or emailing summer@dcscores.org, stating the site your child attends, and asking to speak to the Regional Supervisor or Program Manager for that site.

The DC SCORES Program Staff and coaches are always interested in learning about ways our program can be improved and will work with you to find solutions.

contact us

We at DC SCORES want to hear from you! If you have an issue, concern, want to know more about our policies and procedures, or if you want to let us know how much fun your child is having at camp...please contact us!

Send us an email at summer@dcscores.org or give our office a call at 202-393-6999.